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Aviform Products

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We can get for you any of Aviform’s long list of products at affordable prices

Avigold  Advanced 

Next  generation “All in On Super liquid tonic” for daily addition to the drinking water of all cage and aviary birds for perfect health and condition.

250ml £9.00,    500ml £16.00,   

  1000ml £25.00, 2500ml £35.00


High potency nutritional respiratory formula, which is one of the most economical and affective respiratory supplements currently available.

250ml £8.80


A fullywater solubale Calcium and vitamin D3 liquid supplement ,especially designed for all cage and avairy birds

250ml £12.00     1000ml £25.00        

2500ml  (Special order) 


A natural worm preventative

250ml £12.00


Premium quality “All in One” Avian specific supplement, enriched with ingredients as a unique single product for addition to seed or soft food

100g £9.00    250g £15.00

Special Offer Buy on get one free 

Force 12

Instanty bio-available, high potencyco enzyme of vitamin B12 as a fluid nutritional supplement  over 300% better uptake than ordinary B12 products

Birdcare Products


For the treatment of Coccidiosis in Birds

50ml £7.00

Guardian Angel

Comprehensive in water or on food supplement for sick or stressed birds. Imune boost, digestive support, vitamins, minerals, long term energy.

40g £10.00          80g £14.00

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For the treatment of mite in birds
@ 0.01% solution


After the nuts

We can get for you any of Birdcare’s long list of products at affordable prices


Tonic to help reduce stress in birds at shows etc

40g  £8.00     80g £10.00

Silver Colloid

The natural alternative to antibiotics

250 mls £12.00

Versele-Laga Products


Ferti-vit is a balance of vitamins,amino acids and trace elements, enriched with vitamin E

200g £9.00



Opti-breed is a balance of vitamins,amino acids and trace elements, enriched with Floratimuk@ and L-carnitine

500g  £9.00



Calci-lux – high quality water soluble powder as a source of calcium

500g £9.00

Just Supplements

Just Greens

500g Dried Mixed Greeens


Just Beetroot

 1kg Dried Flaked Beetroot


Just Garlic

400g Garlic Granules


Just Parsley

150g Dried Parsley


Just Vegetables

1kg Dried Mixed Vegetables  


Just Herbs

75g Dried Mixed Herbs


Just Carrots

1kg Dried Flaked Carrot


Items below are not in stock but can be obtained

Just Fruit & vegetables

1kg Dried Mixed Vegetables with added Fruit


Just Herbs with Garlic

75g Dried Mixed Herbs with added garlic


Just Seaweed

1kg Dried Seaweed


Just Thrive and Gloss

1kg £4.50

Just Chickweed

80g Dried Chickweed



Uni- Patee 

A complete food for all frugivorus and Insectiverous birds 

1kg  £4.80

Frutti- Patee

A ready to use moist eggfood with fruit pieces

1kg £5.99

Plenty of Blue

Coventry Seeds


Killmite is a fine food grade DE powder ideal for killing mite in  aviaries and cages

500g £3.00  1kg £4.00  £2.5kg £7.00

Evans Vanodine

Vanodin V18

 Strong Disinfectant 

1ltre £9.50

All Creatures Health Check

Clean and Clear Check Mite

A strong Disinfectant. Detergent and  Disinfectant  with powerful Bactericide Fungicidal  Viricidal properties which can also be used a a powerful mite killer
Please note this is not the Diluted version you can buy on EBAY this is the full concentrated version

1ltre £16.00